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July 3, 2012


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The first 20 people who will comment on this journal
will get a feature in the way of me showing the 3
deviations I liked best of the featured people
along with the avatar of the person.

1.:iconcowboydan16: ~Cowboydan16
Karkat -For Rachel- by Cowboydan16 Adventure Time: Fionna by Cowboydan16 Marshall Lee with Axe- Bass by Cowboydan16

2.:iconbojaking: ~Bojaking
Pen Drawn Dragon. by Bojaking Drawing 2 Self-Portriat by Bojaking Megatron by Bojaking

3.:icondaninja293: ~daninja293
For RogueArts 2 by daninja293 Climb by daninja293 nyah by daninja293

4.:iconotakuofheart: ~epicyaoifangirl
:thumb307419377: Hetalia OC Nonsense Love story. Part Four.
Alaska and Alabama walked threw town holding hands, but Nevada spotted from a near by roof His little sister and Alabama. Nevada's face was as red as a tomato, "What can't handle it?" asked a slick voice behind him. Nevada turned to see Hawaii with a long devious grin. "What are you doing here?" Nevada asked furiously. "Watching you spy on your little sister."  Hawaii snickered. Nevada stood up, "I'M NOT SPYING ON HER!" he shouted. "Then what are you doing?" Hawaii asked. Nevada of course didn't answer.  Alaska took Alabama to a local Cafe, They both ordered tea. "H-hey Alaska..." said Alabama. "Yes?" Alaska answered. "Why  do you think Nevada doesn't like me..?" Alabama asked looking at his cup of tea. Alaska turned to him, "I dunno." she said taking a sip of her tea. "W-well do him...?" Alabama asked. "Yea I do have a bit of a crush on big brother Nevada, but then there is Florida and she loves him more." Alaska said talking a sip of her tea, "
Me again ouo by OtakuofHeart

5. :iconfairiestar: ~fariestar
OC KH by fairiestar Level up! by fairiestar Keyblade golden by fairiestar

6. :iconcaseymakara: ~caseymakara
HeY tHeRe, BeStFrIeNd by caseymakara bard of rage! by caseymakara Bro got a Valentine Double Pistols and a Wink by caseymakara

7. :iconkorama-chan: ~Korama-chan
T3R3Z1 PYROP3 by Korama-chan just a girl by Korama-chan Korra by Korama-chan

8. :iconbumble217: ~Bumble217
Lineart - Optimus V's Megatron by Bumble217 Sideswipe by Bumble217 Optimus Prime by Bumble217

9. :iconcheekanrama: ~lococheekan03
Its about this big! by CheekanRama eddsworld fanart by CheekanRama PachoOoOoOoOoOoOo by CheekanRama

10. :iconxros-hero: ~bedmund01
Kudou Taiki by Xros-Hero Best Friends by Xros-Hero Amano Nene by Xros-Hero  

11. :iconthongchan: ~thongchan
Animation :Thongchan: ID by Thongchan  ::Demon Scanty:: by Thongchan Iris by Thongchan

12. :icon69emptysouls: ~69emptysouls
The Slenderman... He is coming... For YOU by 69emptysouls lollypop man by 69emptysouls Felidae Seethu by 69emptysouls

13. :icontacoroach: ~tacoroach
You like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward? by tacoroach Sollux and Da bees by tacoroach Mariana Trench by tacoroach

14. :iconbloodfire09: ~bloodfire09
:thumb321660508: :thumb321459995: Flying Though The Open by Bloodfire09

15. :iconshonnythehedgehog: ~shonnythehedgehog
cat base face 1 by shonnythehedgehog sora the cutie *lineart* by shonnythehedgehog flippy  XD by shonnythehedgehog

16. :iconbonnie-lizzie: ~Bonnie-Lizzie
:thumb306223345: :thumb275864841: :thumb306227550:

17. :iconprymal626: ~Prymal626
Don't get in my way by Prymal626 Lily+GUMI Beatrice by Prymal626 Gumi on the boardwalk by Prymal626

18. :iconkelpieselkie: ~kelpieselkie
Cereza by kelpieselkie Marceline the Vampire Queen by kelpieselkie :thumb279484580:

19. :iconinezuu: ~inezuu
:thumb255679759: :thumb325607751: :thumb318517995:

20. :iconjunka-speed: ~Junka-Speed
Me as a Chibi...Thing... by Junka-speed GLaDOS the Albino Lynx by Junka-speed .:The Allied Powers:. by Junka-speed

Random stuff I like: Mr. Flappyjaw by medli20 Hey there sugartits~<3 :) IT'S SO DARK, PEWDIE by medli20 BARRELS! STEPHANO! Mr.Chair. Mr. Tall by medli20 SLASH SLASH DEAD idk wat he says lol :P
:thumb173386116: ~RayWilliamJohnson Thats right, hes doin your mom

Art by :iconskykain: ~Skykain Gift-Hot Pants Girl by SkyKain Queen of Changeling by SkyKain I`m 200% COOLER NOW!! by SkyKain Pinkie Style by SkyKain 80s' PARTY by SkyKain Mahou Pony Twilight Sparkle by SkyKain I'm a Brony Don't be a Hater!!!

Slendericious by MyEmoHellix hes watching you

Promoting: :icondaninja293: ~daninja293
Climb by daninja293 Trust In Me Request by daninja293 SLIDE.... by daninja293 Request for Chicken-Yuki by daninja293 Feelin Sick by daninja293 Reileya and I by daninja293 A friend's request by daninja293 nyah by daninja293 He's not savoring her tummy. by daninja293 Shadow of an Assassin by daninja293 Go check her out shes an awesome artist shes cool shes nice go comment, watch, and like you wont regret it :icondragonnod1:     

:iconroguearts: ~RogueArts: Just to let you all know im still taking request Stamp: Requests - Open by czupa-czups plz feel free :icondragonspif:
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inezuu Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Holy shit slender.
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~Just woke up and is already be quietly judged~ c:
RogueArts Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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